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June 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18, (3 weekends)

- Dates can be adapted to students needs if/when possible -

(6 lessons  + 1 day revision assessment after a month)

Revision/Assesment:  3 September 2023
Saturdays 12:00 / 19:00 - Sundays 11:30 / 18:30


London: ZENW2 Yoga Studio (London -Willesden Green) OR Tara Yoga Centre - Location to be confirmed


N.B.  To be able to enrol on a course, you have to fill up and send us the enrolment form. We will contact you within 24 hours to let you know if you will be accepted on the course.

At that point, you can pay the £110 deposit fee.

The deposit fee has to be paid in no more than 48 hours from the confirmation email/call, otherwise the application will not be considered valid. More info here.


  • Discover this ancient form of Spiritual-Energy Healing.

  • Learn Auric Reading techniques using the Anatomy of physical and subtle bodies.

  • Identify the emotional reasons behind illnesses, promoting a deeper understanding of the root causes.

  • Perform Healing therapies using Channeled Energy, Vibrational Healing Sound, Auric Reading, Acupressure Points and Essential Oils.

Investment: £110 for lesson

(If you attended the Introductory course at Citylit, you will get a discount. Contact us for more information)

Additional costs to be considered:
* TOWELS/BLANKETS: (at least 2 towels -1 large 1 small, or 2 large, or 1 XL blanket)

* Therapy Bundle for students: We recommend at least 6 therapies during/after the training, to integrate the vibrational changes in order to work on yourself properly. This is a very important part of the training, and it can be done with Antonello or a student from previous classes.

N.B. The whole training in Essenian Healing includes 3 levels, plus 3 external seminars, to be completed before or after level 3 (to be able to ask for insurance and to practice officially):

Level 1 --> 6 lessons + 1 revision

Level 2 --> 7 lessons + 2 days assessment/revision

Level 3 --> 4 lessons + 2 days assessment/revision + Final Exam

More info: – - 07593693334

When: 01/07/2023 - Saturday 10:00 - 16.30

Where: LONDON CITYLIT  wellbeing centre



<<This was a fantastic course, very in-depth which exceeded my expectations.>>


Following the teaching of Anne Givaudan and Antoine Achram


<<The course itself is exceptional, but the commitment and love that Antonello puts into transmitting these therapies and finding the balance in each of us is even more so... you are followed, listened to, he is always present, and for each question you will receive an answer. I just finished the course: everything was great and very touching. Thanks for everything Antonello, thanks for sharing this knowledge with us.
I 100% recommend this course!
Ivan - 01 November 2022



  • Understanding the main principles of Essenian Healing – what it is and how it works.

  • Provide a deep approach with the different chakras, auras and subtle bodies, also developing “subtle perception”

  • Learn Essenian healing techniques, with the use of channeled energy, acupressure points and Essenian Healing Sounds

  • Practice and Learn the specific therapies and their functions.

  • Essential oils and their use in the Essenian Healing


<<If you are considering doing Essenian Healing then don't hesitate as it will change your own life profoundly! Having studied numerous alternative therapies most of my life I wasn't sure what to expect with Essenian healing, and I quickly realised it was the most complete and comprehensive course and treatment I had ever encountered. Having had a treatment from Antonello I realised that this was something life changing and worked on a very deep level. Antonello is a sensitive healer and teacher, acknowledging everyones different qualities, and allowing each student to feel accomplished in their various different strengths as they continue with each level of the course. Even if you intend to practice only on a personal level with friends and family rather than set up professionally, it is still very well worth doing as you will heal yourself and your loved ones. All the people I met from different courses were a variety of ages and diverse backgrounds, and were all very warm and unique people who were wonderful to work with. Antonello encouraged us all in a very positive way as well as making things fun and including unusual days out as part of the course which were very team building too. The relationships you build with others therefore are very long lasting. Thank you!>>


<<If you are looking to change the direction of your life, with excellent tuition and a wealth of knowledge then I highly recommend Antonello and this course. The taught content was great and very engaging. I really enjoyed the spiritual aspect of the course, learning about chakras and aura readings.>>


<<Learnt so much! Teaching was outstanding. Looking forward to continue this journey.>>


When: DECEMBER 3, 4 - Saturday and Sunday 11:00 - 18:00

Where: London: ZENW2 (Willesden Green) or Rosendale Allotments (Brixton)

- location to be confirmed soon


  • Qualities needed to be an essenian healer / spiritual knowledge essential to healers 

  • Understand the history, development and definition of Essenian Healing (What Essenian healing is and whom were the Essenes; How an Essenian healer uses Healing Energy;   History of Essenian healing: Egyptians, Jesus and the Essenes; Anne Givaudan and Daniel Meurois; Healing, promotion of health &prevention of illness)   

  • Understand the different levels of the human system and how every part is related to the others:

  • Physical level: Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology

  • Energetic level: Subtle Anatomy - Chakras, Auras, Subtle bodies (Etheric, Astral, etc), Meridians/Nadis, Prana Energy...

  • Mind/Emotional level: Introduction to Thought forms, system of Beliefs, Interpretation: what they are, how we create them and how they can affect our lives, attracting events and creating our reality (this part will be extended in a following 2 days workshop).

  • Birth and Rebirth – The important impact of childbirth in our present lives as adults. What is our mission here on Earth and how reincarnation works (this part will be extended in a following 2 days workshop).

  • Practical work - Understanding and practicing the different stages of the therapies.

  • Performing complete therapies, developing subtle touch and subtle hearing senses.

  • Gradual demonstration/introduction to specific therapies for specific health conditions

  • Meditations and exercises

  • Understanding the sound of the body and the internal organs, and how healing sounds can play their part in bringing balance to the whole system.

  • Understanding the essential oils and their use in the Essenian therapies

  • Basic Understanding of Professionalism and Administration (Consultation, Towel Techniques, Ethics &the law; Code of Conduct; Insurance; Ethics of healer/client relationship; Healer/client boundaries; Contra actions, etc).

With my wonderful students (yes, we are
With my beautiful students 💚 new course

Some pictures and videos of the previous courses!


<<I think my ratings speak for themselves so i will just say thank you... everything was perfect... the course exceeded my expectations>>


<<Antonello is great! He is a very good teacher. A very interesting course, well thought out and put together. Lovely PowerPoint slides and handout.>>

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