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I can highly recommend the Essenian Healing by Antonello Brunetti (Pranavoice). He will take you on a personal journey where you will re-establish your mind, body and soul.

If you are looking to connect with your inner self, be ready to experience something incredibly powerful and amazing!

Antonello is a very gifted therapist!
I wholeheartedly recommend him to anybody wishing to embark on a transformational journey starting from re-establishing a balance between body, mind and soul.


Antonello is a natural born healer.

He is experienced in his field and understands how to create a stress free environment for his clients.
I look forward to seeing him soon for my next treatment.
Thank You Prana Voice!



I highly recommend Prana Voice.
The therapies have been wonderful and very helpful.
Prana voice stands out by the qualified professionalism as well as the personalized sessions.
I'm very happy and would invite to try.


Yesterday I had an amazing massage with Antonello Brunetti.
He used a special blend of essential oils and energy healing techniques so that afterwards I slept soundly for the first time in years and woke up feeling properly refreshed!
I would happily recommend Prana Voice to everyone, and will certainly be recommending Antonello to my friends without any doubt. Thank you!


“I found this massage unique.

I experienced massage many times, but I can see that this was something more, different, something brilliant.
Best neck massage I have ever had in my life!

The scent of the oil was uplifting and refreshing, I can feel my head is lighter and I feel relieved.

Looking forward to come back again.”

Amazing service!
Good value for money, professionalism, and the treatments are very effective.
I am very happy that the Essenian healing is finally represented in the UK!
A must-try for pretty much everyone living in London and the outside.

“I feel very happy after this treatment!

It is like all the emotions that were inside of me are now coming out in
a good way, and I am feeling very positive and relaxed




“Prana Voice provides very friendly and relaxing atmosphere.
Antonello is a very skilful therapist, and I immediately felt like I was in good hands: he clearly knows what he is doing, and this was very important to me to establishing trust with the therapist.

I enjoyed all the different parts of massage,  and I felt deeply relaxed afterwards.
I really liked the scent of the oils: I found it was unique and relaxing, and it reminded me a beautiful garden in summertime, with flowers everywhere.
I also loved the music used during this session, I found it worked in synergy with the movements of the massage. "


My share from the week is meeting Antonello Brunetti last week in London.

For any UK or Europe based retreat leaders looking for a bodyworker to collaborate with in your retreat offerings, he is amazingly talented and so warm and friendly! Totally unsolicited endorsement, but I was so impressed by him I wanted to pass along his contact information ( and; focuses on holistic therapies including Essenian healing, auric reading, aromatherapy, reflexology, and massage).

Seriously, he is wonderful, check him out!



I had an Amazing Massage last week with Antonello!
Was fantastic, still feel the benefit after a week!

I can't wait to have next one.

Wonderful reflexology treatment, relaxing but at the same time enhancing energy flow.

Good pressure used, and ability to find the right points – I feel relaxed, and this good energy releasing that I needed made me aware of tension in my body.

It is very effective, thank you


Amazing experience that starts from the beginning: reservation, reminders, treatments will give you a boost for the whole week.
Staff is also able to give feedback and suggestions, in order to enhance and keep the benefits for longer.

Thank you, you'll see me soon again.


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