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Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Pioneering something new to London is a big thing, a huge responsibility, especially considering such delicate topic. Delicate because dealing with the rules of the subtle bodies and Aura can reveal important details connected to the patients' personal life-story, to help them healing themselves.

That's why an important part of this healing process is to understand "how we work emotionally" (and the emotional reasons behind illnesses), considering our Thought Forms (the beliefs created by our personal interpretation of an event, especially in childhood, that lead to repetitive patterns), the system of beliefs (imposed by our society/religion/culture) and the balance (between words/thoughts/actions) that we need to reach to heal ourselves. The whole practice of this sacred form of healing is focused on the patient, creating a safe and harmonious environment (inside and outside ourselves) where there can be no place for "judgment" and "ego".

Becoming a channel.

Essenian Healing can help to address several health conditions by using a variety of approaches and techniques (Acupressure points, Essential Oils, Healing Sounds and channeled Energy), promoting a deeper understanding of the root causes of our present problems. 

Mentored by Anne Givaudan and dr. Antoine Achram, I have been trained to understand how imbalances lead to disease, what the conditions are for how healing can take place and the many ways in which a person can be supported in this process. 

That's what I do in my work practice at the Light Centre Monument (where these therapies arrived at the beginning of 2017 - for the first time in London), and in my other studio in Essex Road (Angel). And that's what I teach in the Essenian Healing course at Citylit.

Trusting our "perceptions", discovering that we are more than a physical body and that we are connected to the Universe in different ways, is a life changing experience.

These therapies are performed considering the Anatomy of the physical and subtle bodies, Auras and Chakras, channeling Healing Energy, but also using Acupressure Points, Essential oils and Vibrational Healing Sounds.

But what exactly is Essenian Healing? How can it improve your health? And where it comes from?

What is Essenian Healing?

I truly believe that Essenian Healing is first of all an opportunity to embrace our higher self, and to reconnect with our life purposes by releasing old patterns and beliefs.

Recently rediscovered by the therapists and writers Anne Givaudan and Daniel Meurois, these ancient therapies are effective in bringing balance to the whole human system. They work on many levels (physical, mental, emotional and energetic) on the subtle bodies, generating a transformational process that will soon be reflected on the physical body. Essenian Healing can help to address several health conditions (see the list below) by using a variety of approaches and therapies (Acupressure points, Essential Oils, Healing Sounds and channeled energy), promoting a deeper understanding of the root causes of our present problems. 

These ancient therapies are effective in bringing balance to the whole human system, working on many levels (physical, mental, emotional and energetic).

How Essenian Healing can help you.

Essenian Healing is deeply relaxing, and it works to re-balance the whole body. Here's a list of the main treatments and their effects:

Grounding Therapies - Working on the chakras to re-connect with the energy from the Earth, also realigning all the subtle bodies and auras.

Re-balancing Therapies - Re-equilibrating the Chakras, Female-Male energies, Emotions, subtle bodies and auras.

Healing Therapies - Working on internal organs with the use of healing sounds and accurate energetic techniques, to help with specific conditions (Cancer, Hypertension, Organs Dysfunction, Immune System deficiencies, Tiredness/Fatigue, etc...

Specific Therapies - for specific conditions (Addictions, Infertility, PMT, Irregular and/or Painful Period, Breast problems, Headaches/Migraine, etc)

Thought Forms and Family Patterns - Advanced therapies that work on thought forms and the relationship with our parents, to break the circle - releasing the old patterns and beliefs.

Auric reading and Etheric check up - Assessment methods to provide personal effective treatments.

Meditations and Exercises - to support the patients during the therapy path.

Origin of Essenian Healing

Essenian Healing is similar and actually on a par to Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine, because they all use in-depth approaches. The only difference is that the Essenian Medicine was less well known, as it was an oral tradition of teaching, and it was practiced by small groups of people.

This form of healing is called "Essenian" because 2000 years ago, at the time of Jesus, the Essenes were above all extremely well know as therapists, but these therapies go back much further.

They were practiced in Egypt, and at the time of Atlantis. The healing had been transmitted to Atlanteans by beings from the stars (originally, they were just called “Universal energetic therapies”).

That's why Essenian Healing is, at the same time, very ancient and futuristic.



What's next?

For the first time in the UK we did a course about Essenian Healing and Auric Reading at  London Citylit! It was a wonderful journey, an incredible experience, and the full course will start in February 2019! Visit our Training page for more details.

If you would like to receive a therapy (see the list above), please read our Data Protection Policy and contact us.



Antonello Brunetti is an experienced holistic and complementary therapist, professionally trained in Reflexology, Aromatherapy, and Holistic Massage, member of CThA UK and EmbodyForYou.

He is specialised in Essenian Healing, an ancient form of spiritual healing that works on many levels combining channeled energy, acupressure points, vibrational healing sounds and essential oils, bringing balance to the whole human system. Antonello is also a singer - songwriter, using his healing voice both in songs and Essenian Healing treatments, working with vibrational healing sounds.

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