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The tools you have acquired so far will make a difference in the new world that is coming.
To facilitate this step you will have to clean yourself of any residue.
And it will not be a matter of external cleaning: we speak here of deep cleansing, cleaning of your own wounds, of your traumas, of emotional waste, of unresolved stories that accompany you since long time and that you are carrying with you from generations.

It is time to make a quantum leap, an additional step in the evolution of your planet, not just your own.
You have come here to accompany your planet in this process.

Then stop doubting that what is water becomes fire.
Water has its molecules, fire has its own specifications.
Stop mixing the two.

But above all, strip yourself of the preconceptions of human duality: that fire burns, that water cures.
They can both have healing powers, both can have destructive powers.
A dam that breaks, or a river in flood can cause floods, a tsunami together with the wind, a fire can burn a house or a person, but it can also warm up, it can also give you nourishment through cooking food.

It is therefore a question of changing one's view of the world.
It is therefore a matter of taming the elements, and to use them in your favor, in this change that comes.
To find a point of Union that is of benefit to all, a point of union beyond differences.

It is time then to rise and look at things from a higher perspective, to understand that you are not isolated creatures, on their own, but that you are part of a larger project, that you are all connected.
But also that everyone has their role, so accept this, accept without anger that there are people who work for the shadow, without fearing them.
These people cannot touch you, they cannot touch your divine entity.
So why giving them all this space?

Concentrate on what really matters, on your weaknesses - to transform them, to strengthen you.
Work out, and not just physically. Train yourself, use what you have, the tools you have acquired.

This is the time.
You came here for this, you been waiting for this.

Then stop groping in the dark, feeling lost.

What you are experiencing is a unique moment.
You came here knowing this, knowing all this.
Then it's now the time to embrace your mission, and enjoy it,
rejoice in this evolutionary step that all of you are going through.

The true transformation takes place in Love, in finding Harmony with YOURSELF.
And when I say YOURSELF, I mean ALL OF YOU, not just "yourself", your embodied personality.
By YOURSELF I mean that you are part of all of you at the same time, you are part of the life of each of you.
Yourself means that you are the same among yourselves,
you are the same as other people.

Regardless of cultural, belief, economic, race differences ... These are only illusions.


Start over there.

Hang on to that union, and everything will become clear.

It is as if a light comes on along the way when a plane is about to take off.

You will only see the signals when you see the deeper connections that bind you to other people, and at the same time bind you to that part of you that is divine.

Then the path will light up, and you will no longer have doubts.

But if you stay outside, if you turn your back, lost in the fog, you will wonder why it is so difficult to find the way. Maybe you will complain about this too, about this difficulty.

But as we have always told you, we don't do things for you,

NOBODY can do things for you.

Then the action you need to do is to just turn around.
Instead of turning your back, turn to the path, head held high,

and look at the horizon.

And it is there that the light signals will illuminate your way.
And there will no longer be any fear, everything will be clear.

You came for this, remember that.

We love you deeply and we believe in you,
we really believe this change has come,
and that it is possible, and it could be manifested.

Thank you.
We believe in you.




There are other worlds that are waiting for you to make progress, and only when you will free yourself from conditioning will it be when your true path begins, following what you call faith, but which is nothing more than a directive that comes from the depths of yourself, from that superior entity who knows, and presides over every decision, every event.
That predicted it, considered it, calculated it, long before you took your human form.

What is happening on your planet is something planned by many entities, to unleash an unprecedented inner awakening, and that really puts you in front of a crossroads, forcing you to make a decision: to remain tied to the old world or to proceed quickly towards the new world, which is already here, it is coming, it is one step away from you.

And at the same time to start using your skills, your skills, what you have learned, your knowledge, to consolidate them, to see if they are real or if your fears are stronger than them.

So even there, with a lot of humanity and simplicity, without judgment, without judging yourself, it's time to accept your human side, but access your divine side.

And that's where you will have the answers, automatically.

There is nothing else to know, really.

What is the point to know if this is a conspiracy, if there is someone behind it, if it really is something that will end your lives or not... Do you think this is the first epidemic of mankind? You have always survived, the human race will not go extinct.

Rather, think about working on yourself.
This is the only task you have, even in this situation, when everything seems global, the attention must be directed towards you, towards you.
Even when everything seems outside of you.
That's the trick.

Your fears need to be listened to, they should not be denied to justify or show superior knowledge.
They must be listened to, understood, and transformed. Like everything else you have learned to do.

So this is a time of deep work, to rest well, to raise your immune defenses, taking root in your divine entity, in your divine part.
This is what you need to do.

Obviously everything else is an addition, it seems obvious, taking care of the body, eating well... but
in reality it is your intention that matters;

the starting point from which you will move and make your choices: that's what will determine everything.

Then, be anchored in your divine part and everything will be clear and simple.
There is no epidemic that can stand up to an awareness of an individual, especially of luminous beings such as you are.

We love and protect you, knowing and acknowledging the divinity in you.
It's time for you to see it now,
to see yourself for what you really are.

Burst of Light
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