There are other worlds that are waiting for you to make progress, and only when you will free yourself from conditioning will it be when your true path begins, following what you call faith, but which is nothing more than a directive that comes from the depths of yourself, from that superior entity who knows, and presides over every decision, every event.
That predicted it, considered it, calculated it, long before you took your human form.

What is happening on your planet is something planned by many entities, to unleash an unprecedented inner awakening, and that really puts you in front of a crossroads, forcing you to make a decision: to remain tied to the old world or to proceed quickly towards the new world, which is already here, it is coming, it is one step away from you.

And at the same time to start using your skills, your skills, what you have learned, your knowledge, to consolidate them, to see if they are real or if your fears are stronger than them.

So even there, with a lot of humanity and simplicity, without judgment, without judging yourself, it's time to accept your human side, but access your divine side.

And that's where you will have the answers, automatically.

There is nothing else to know, really.

What is the point to know if this is a conspiracy, if there is someone behind it, if it really is something that will end your lives or not... Do you think this is the first epidemic of mankind? You have always survived, the human race will not go extinct.

Rather, think about working on yourself.
This is the only task you have, even in this situation, when everything seems global, the attention must be directed towards you, towards you.
Even when everything seems outside of you.
That's the trick.

Your fears need to be listened to, they should not be denied to justify or show superior knowledge.
They must be listened to, understood, and transformed. Like everything else you have learned to do.

So this is a time of deep work, to rest well, to raise your immune defenses, taking root in your divine entity, in your divine part.
This is what you need to do.

Obviously everything else is an addition, it seems obvious, taking care of the body, eating well... but
in reality it is your intention that matters;

the starting point from which you will move and make your choices: that's what will determine everything.

Then, be anchored in your divine part and everything will be clear and simple.
There is no epidemic that can stand up to an awareness of an individual, especially of luminous beings such as you are.

We love and protect you, knowing and acknowledging the divinity in you.
It's time for you to see it now,
to see yourself for what you really are.

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