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As many of you may know, Prana Voice's founder Antonello Brunetti is also a singer songwriter, with 4 albums released in the last 11 years.

He is playing music at 432hz, giving its contribution to the healing of our planet, and the spiritual awakening of its inhabitants.

This new project is inspired by this, combining his music skills to his abilities as a therapist and energy healer, to create this new project "PRANA VOICE" which is completely different from his previous albums, with the purpose to start sharing healing/holistic songs that can be used as useful tools to regenerate ourselves.

<<The first single of this project as Prana Voice is called "Awake", and it is a combination of guitar, different instruments and essenian healing sounds that I sing with my voice, coming from the ancient tradition of the Essenes and the Essenian Healing.

Thanks to its healing frequencies, the song has the ability to clean the Auras and the space, both inside and outside of us (A room, a yoga studio, etc), getting rid of all the energetic waste accumulated during the day.

It also has the ability to reconnect with our higher self and our inner intuition, much needed in this challenging time we are living.

Therefore the song can be used to meditate, during yoga practice, or as a relaxing moment for ourselves. You can use it in your lessons if you are a yoga teacher, during treatments if you are a therapist, or in your own time to work on yourself, relax and heal.>>


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